In my first year of ENT PG, I always kept wondering which book to read, from where to start and wished there was some systematic way of knowing right from the start that which are the more important topics in ENT. As i went further, i found books like scott brown though good had too many doubts (…..this author found this in study whereas that author found that) while cummings chapters were sometimes too lengthy to read, shambaughs & toss’s few chapters were good but then u have to research a lot to find those few good chapters, ballenger always remained sidelined. In short, there was lot’s of confusion as to refer to which one to get the best answer, and how I wished that good things of all could be combined.

In this website of mine, this is exactly what i am trying to achieve, i.e., to combine all good things from major ENT books on Major topics and present in a notes type format which can be easily downloaded by ENT students to their PCs and then if required can also be modified by them. Not only this will save time in searching different books but also in making notes. Those who are not comfortable directly reading from their ipads or laptops can download and take print outs.

Any suggestions are always welcome, kindly write in comment or email me at

Dr. Supreet Singh Nayyar

Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, India.



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