Basic Sciences

1. Rhinomanometry (1st Revision) .ppt

2. NOMA / Cancrum Oris

3. External Ear Anatomy (1st revision) .ppt

4. Deep Neck Spaces

5. Swallowing Exercises for Dysphagia

6. Dural Venous Sinuses

7. EGFR inhibitors

8. Laryngo Pharyngeal Reflux or LPR

9. Chemoprevention in Head & Neck Malignancies

10. Julius Lempert – Father of Modern Otology

11. Embolization in ENT – short note

12. Important ENT nerve connections

13. Anatomy & Physiology of Larynx .ppt

14. Physiology of Phonation .ppt

15. BERA, ASSR .ppt

16. Anatomy of Tracheo Bronchial Tree .ppt

17. Anatomy of Inner Ear .ppt

18. Electrocochleography .ppt

19. Surgical Anatomy of Nasopharynx .ppt

20. Laryngeal Electromyography

21. Electronystagmography .ppt

22. Tobacco & It’s Etiology In Carcinogenesis

23. Morrell Mackenzie – Otolaryngological cause for World War 1 …!!!

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