Page 4

61. What are the various grafting techniques?

62. What are the pre- requsites of a successful tympanoplasty?

63. What are the complications of ear surgery?

64. Causes of pulsatile discharge

65. Cause of blood stained discharge in COM AAD

66. What is warning bleed in ear surgery ?

67. Causes of fluctuant hearing loss in AAD

68. Cause of AAD in one ear & TTD in other ear

69. Causes of decreased hearing following surgery

70. Causes of hearing loss in AAD

71. Possible causes of presence of profuse discharge in AAD

72. Cause of certain cases with perforation in pars tensa & retraction in pars flaccida

73. Type of opacity in mastoiditis on schuller’s view

74. Cause of squamous epithelium in middle ear in AAD

75. Cause of patchy squamous epithelium in middle ear

76. How to differentiate columnar from squamous epithelium inside middle ear

77. How to manage AAD case when patient unwilling for surgery

78. Cause of adhesion in retracted TM

79. How to check if TM is adhesive to promontory

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