What is are the interpretations of Rinne’s test?

Rinne’s test compares the air conduction (AC) and bone conduction(BC) in the same ear. The interpretations are:

(a)   Rinne positive- when AC is better than BC found in Normal hearing and SNHL

(b)   Rinne Negative- when BC is better than AC found in Conductive and Mixed hearing loss.

(c)    Rinne reduced positive- where AC is better than BC but with reduced BC seen in SNHL

(d)   Rinne equivocal- when AC and BC are equal seen in mild conductive deafness.

(e)    Rinne false negative-where BC is heard apparently longer in a case severe unilateral SNHL as the sound is transmitted through the skull to the other ear.

(f)    Rinne infinitely positive where the patient hears momentarily a vibrating tuning fork by AC but does not hear by BC. This is seen in profound SNHL of the test ear.

(g)   Rinne infinitely negative – profound conductive deafness

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