Use of Optical Grabbing Forceps for management of a case of FB Left Bronchus

We recently had the opportunity of managing a case of FB Bronchus at our centre using newly acquired “Optical Grabbing Forceps”. 2 yrs 9 mths old child was brought with sole history of cough for 4 months. However CXR revealed hyperinflated left lung with shifting of heart to right. CT chest confirmed a partially radio opaque FB in left bronchus. H/o 4 mths with CT findings of no surrounding oedema gave us an impression of inert plastic FB. After simulation practice with the new instrument, case was taken up. To our surprise, it turned out a kala chana impacted at level of division of left bronchus into it’s branches. And it broke into 4-5 pieces the moment it was touched. It took 4 hrs to remove each of the pieces individually as every time we went inside, the amount of oedema & bleeding increased leading to impaired endoscpic vision. However, still I feel had it not been for Optical grabbing forceps, it wouldn’t have been possible to remove each of the pieces for sure. CXR had returned to normal by evening. Presently, after two months child is very active, with no cough and normal Xray. Probably this was the first case in North East India to be managed with optical grabbing forceps. I will soon be uploading the video as well.