nayyarENT Thursday Grand Round No. 3

“34 years old sportsperson, who recently won a medal in olympics for a shooting event has reported with complaints of difficulty in hearing from left ear for past 4 months and ringing senasation both ears for past 2 to 3 months. On further questioning, patient gives h/o tinnitus lasting few hours to days after every firing practice in both ears. There is no history of otorrhoea or vertigo.”

1. What else will you like to know in history.

2. Give a differential diagnosis. Mention in brief regarding the physiology of this diagnosis. What is physiology of tinnitus in this case.

3. How will you like to manage tinnitus.

4. How will you like to manage hearing loss.

5. What precaution should this particular sportsperson should have taken. How effective are these precautions.

6. What precautions will you now advise him.