What is the importance of vowels & consonants for hearing aids !!

     Vowels have low pitch

            Consonants are high pitch

            Consonants more important for speech intelligibility

  Therefore, Hearing aids –> amplification of higher frequency more importantconsonant vowel audiogram

         source for image and information below

“ http://www.hdhearing.com/learning/part2.htm “

Two things are important to recognize. For the most part:

  1. Consonants are higher pitched than vowels (they lie more to the right on the chart).
  2. Consonants are spoken more softly than vowels (they lie higher on the chart, in the lower decibel ranges).

These factors play a big role in our ability to understand speech. For one thing, the great majority of people with hearing loss lose it in the higher frequencies, where the consonants lie. This is especially true of hearing loss due to aging. So a lot of older people hear the vowels but not the consonants. In addition, since consonants are spoken more softly, they tend to get drowned out in background noise.