What are the complications of ear surgery?

Intra op
• Anaesthetic complications like arrhythmias in GA and lignocaine toxicity in LA
• EAC Laceration
• Damage to facial nerve
• Semi circular canal fistula
• Opening of dural plate
• Opening of sinus plate
• Injury to high lying jugular bulb
• Injury to posteriorly lying ICA or aneurysm of internal carotid artery
• Noise induced SNHL
• Round window rupture
• Tear of chorda tympani
• Ossicular dislocation

Post op
• Infection
• Worsening of deafness due to ossicular disruption or SNHL or in cholesteatoma hearers
• Tinnitus
• Vertigo/dizziness
• Delayed onset Facial palsy
• Taste disturbance
• Labyrinthitis, CSF leak, meningitis, encephalitis
• Graft failure
• Graft medialization or lateralization
• Granulations
• Recurrence of cholesteatoma or residual disease