Gynaecologist’s plight…….!!

One day a female gynecologist decided that she wanted to become a car mechanic so she went to college for two years, studying hard and carefully preparing for her final exam.

Anyway all seemed to go well at the exam and a couple of weeks later she had her results back. She was absolutely amazed when the letter said that she had scored 150%. Thinking there must be an error she went back to the college
and met her instructor.

“I think there must be a mistake on this exam result,” she asked, “I have 150%, how come?”
“Well,” replied the instructor, “during the examination you took the engine apart perfectly, which was worth 50%. Then you put the engine back together effortlessly which was worth another 50%”

“But what about the other 50% I was given?” asked the gynecologist.
The instructor answered, “You were given the extra 50% because you managed to to do it all through the exhaust pipe!